Literacy is not merely about basic skills of reading and writing; it is about providing individuals with the capabilities for understanding their lives and social environment as well as equipping them with problem-solving skills. Literacy, therefore, is a foundation of human resources development and is critical to alleviating poverty


Our Women's Adult Literacy Program (WALP) provides basic training in adult literacy, business skills, child parenting, and nutrition to women at 12 learning centers in Gulu, Amuru, Nwoya, and Omoro District, the program is a component of the Credit plus model, It is conducted for 8 months to benefit 1,500 women (widows and single mothers, formerly abducted girls) annually. clients in our micro Loan program are the direct beneficiaries who are trained in basic adult literacy learning reading, writing, and numeracy including child parenting and nutrition, and family planning.


Learners attend classes twice every week (in total 58 classes are conducted), leaners also engage in practical agricultural practices of fruit production and vegetable growing for home consumption and selling surplus improving nutrition and their household income. 1,623 were supported in the year 2017-2018 and have completed the literacy program and other critical business development training.



Since its inception in the year  2008. We have supported and graduated over 3,680 women who completed both grade 1 and 2 . all learners by the time they finished they learned how to read and write, their self-esteem and confidence, improved, participation in a community meeting, improved business, health, and preventable diseases among children reduced and a reduction in Domestic violence due to improvement in communication skills. Participants who sign up for classes are divided into groups, provided with materials, books, pens, etc. and attend classes twice a week for 8moths. 12 instructors who are trained by the government are recruited to teach women.  Our target is to enroll 1500 annually.