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Amplify Women's Voice 

The Amplify women's voice festival is a regional event bringing together stakeholders to discuss and pledge to promote women's rights, including ending forced marriages, teenage pregnancy, and all forms of domestic violence. Learn more


Women are Change Agents

Women and girls use unique platforms and events as a vehicle to speak directly to men and community leaders who are in attendance for the social event. Because the issues addressed are sensitive and can be challenging to discuss now. The event provides a stigma-free environment for women and girls to talk about sensitive topics, share experiences, promote innovative ways of advocacy, and amplify women's voices.

To address the issue of gender inequality, violence, land rights, food security, SRHR, and other issues facing women in northern Uganda, We created and hosts a drama festival annually, . Women create original plays highlighting their stories using music, drama, and dance. Performances focus on the issues of inequality, education, health, social accountability, and governance issues.

The Power of Art 

By encouraging the idea of using art, traditional music, dance, and drama in the local language, the area's culture is preserved, and the relevance of these issues to the community would be elevated. Women use their unique talents to compose and make presentations that promote human rights and educate the community in a more receptive way. Annually over 300 women participate in the event. For most of them, it is the only accepted social event for them to join in.


Invest in Social Justice Today!

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