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Keeping Girls Connected is a radio campaign that provides a platform for intervention, voice, support and facilitate dialogues between families, communities and leaders to address the aftermaths of COVID-19 pandemic shutdown especially on women and girls.

After Months of the longest, unprecedented pandemic-prompted shutdown in the world, Uganda re-opened its schools on 10th January 2022. The closing down of Uganda’s vital sectors like the education system has taken a lasting toll on the country’ progress, eroding decades of classroom gains in Uganda. Up to a third of Ugandan school going population may never return to the classrooms for varying reasons among being, many of young adults and children took up jobs during the pandemic to support their struggling families. Many schools are under financial stress and have failed to reopen their doors. Countless teachers have not repotted back having turned to other income generating jobs after losing their income during the shutdown. Unless there are inclusive intensive efforts to support the school going population to catch up, we may lose a generation to improper literacy.

One of the most crucial and challenging aspects of the recent period has been keeping in touch with girls. For many girls, school is more than just a key to a better future. It’s a lifeline. The number of girls who did not return to school due to COVID-19’s unprecedented education disruption is alarming, but also threatens decades of progress made towards gender equality, puts girls at risk of adolescent pregnancy, early and forced marriage, and violence.

Sympathy alone is not enough we need pro-active interventions that will bring all stake holders on board, while genuinely asking these important questions

· Who is responsible?

· Why only me blamed? - not retuning back to school?

· For how long women and girls are going to be victims?

VAC-NET in partnership with Radio Rupiny will run a 7-month Campaign dubbed Keeping Girls Connected Campaign which will involve conducting radio talk shows, radio spot massages, drama and street voicers targeting stake holders will be conducted to create awareness and source for solution community-based solutions to address the vice. A 24/7 toll free line will be opened to provide tele counseling

, respond and make referrals.

We all agree that when a girl's education is cut short, the impact can be felt for generations. It leaves a vital gap in the family, community, country and the world. On this, we rare not sitting back

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Women and men both play an equal role in our society, yet their participation and efforts have never been considered equal to that of men. There are many people who feel that only physical beauty describes a woman, thus every effort she makes largely goes unnoticed.

Although physical beauty is one of the assets of a woman, so is her internal strength.

The real truth is that a woman is a source of infinite strength to the world. With her strength, she can build, create and secure people and relationships. A true woman does not even look for endless admiration of her beauty, rather she just wants her efforts to be acknowledged, her presence to be valued and her opinion to be respected.

Respect every woman in your life. There might be some who are far from representing an ideal woman, you can't stop respecting others because of that only one.

Dr Bhawna Gautam

Learn More and Donate at www.vacnetwork.org

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Today we Celebrate #InternationalWomen'sDay2022 we support women on their journey for opportunities, equality, and justice. Join us on International Women's Day 2022!

We are Building Community led Pathways to Challenge Systemic biases and Inequality

Because we believe that when women and girls have an equal opportunity to learn, grow and connect with others, they will be able to realize their fullest potential. Because every idea counts, and by working together, we can help build a better world for. Happy International women's Day 2022

Today we join the world to cerebrate International Women's Day we want all stakeholders to prioritize teenage pregnancy and address forced marriage

Join us learn more and donate safely www.vacnetwork.org

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