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Santa Oromo, is 32 years old, married with 3 children, and I sale produce as my business,

Working together with fellow women opened a way for my life and that of my family. I was stuck, stayed at home and my husband was an alcoholic. We used to eat once in a day some times we could go hungry, all this changed when we joined VAC-NET with 5 other members of my group. We were trained and supported with $50 loans each to start our businesses.

I worked very hard and paid it back and when I got the second loan of $80, I was able to diversify my business and opened my shop selling produce, I make supplies every week to my local customers, I can pay fees, pay my rent and we can eat well 3 times a day, am so grateful for lifting my standard of living high I feel happy to be a business woman.

Thank you VAC-NET and your team

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Primary School Girl using Luck Girl sanitary pads

The Healthy Periods Initiative

Your support is enabling 15 young mothers to make sanitary pads which they supply to school going girls to help them save the embarrassment and stay at school during their menstrual periods. For the first time 300 young girls from Acet Primary school and Lapiny Loyo Primary School stayed at school through the entire term.Giving them the opportunity to concentrate and continue with their education with your support. Conducting Community dialogues involving men, parents, and young boys is changing the biases around sanitary pads discussion in Uganda, Together we are helping to push forward the gender inequalities in the educations sector by breaking the silence about sanitary pads, enabling young girls to stay at school with dignity. Girl's access to sanitary Pads is a woman's right not a favor. Client Quote: "I will perform better this term because I attended all the lessons, I'm very happy and confident".

Lucia.......Primary school girl

1 out of 10 african school girls skips school or drop out of school entirely due to a lack of menstrual products and poor sanitation. This critical unavailability of sanitary products in Uganda is a major barrier to education for girls of school going age. This is where your donation is helping to change this reality.

Volunteer Action Network is committed to addressing the issue of menstrual health, and the challenges women and girls face with regards to access, hygiene and stigma – improving health, creating livelihoods.

#womenempowerment #SocialJustice

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"At least I was able to speak out what I have been holding within me for 9 years"!

To address the issues of inequality, reproductive health care, gender based Violence, HIV/ AIDS and other issues facing women in northern Uganda, we hosted our 9th annual Amplifying Women's Voices drama competition, Kikopo Pa Mon on 8th October October 2016. Women in our program created original plays highlighting their stories using music, drama, and dance and monologues under the theme: Access to Reproductive Health Care is My Right!

This platform provided a stigma free environment for women to speak about topical issues that affect their lives, families and the community in which they live. The event brought together 500 women, civic, cultural and religious leaders and school going children from Gulu, Amuru, Nwoya and Omoro Districts. Women used the voices to challenge social cultural imbalances presented through Music, Dance, Drama, monologues

"At least I was able to speak out what I have been holding within me for 9 years and I was happy my husband attended he heard it I relieved now" -------Marry partcipant from Nwoya District

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