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Mother’s Day is around the corner and what better way to honor your mother, grandmother, or special loved one than with a Tribute to Rise gift! With a Mother’s Day, you can support mothers in Uganda to become economically self reliant through the power of micro loans, business skills and literacy.

You can partner with women in Uganda and make a tribute that will change lives of mothers as a Tribute to Rise this mother's coming day.

To Donate visit https://www.globalgiving.org/39548

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Equal education moves people towards empowerment, but unequal education does the reverse. Of all the divisive tools that are used to push people to the margins, unequal education is the most damaging: Says:- Melinda Gates.

The adverse effect of COVID-19 has made this gap wider many children especially girls in rural Northern Uganda are not able to enroll back to schools, boys too are culprits this expands the unequal education gap wider and makes empowerment of the entire community stagnant

We must include this conversation and engagement with all parents and community members where we work in Uganda.

Eric 12years happily told me he is not interested to go back to school, “I can continue laying bricks and I’m paid why should I go back to school”

Sadly these effects will affect the family and the community where Eric leaves. Collectively we can change this narrative and put education among children in post COVID interventions a priority.


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The potential and strength of women is undeniable. From supporting their families to running businesses and leading classrooms, it’s clear—women can do anything.

But in the last year, the effects of COVID-19 have exacerbated the long-standing issues that women face, including job loss disparities, increased violence, and the added responsibility of full-time child care while schools are closed.

You can help this International Women’s Day! From now until Friday, @globalgiving is matching donations of up to $50 at 50%.* when you sign up for a monthly recurring donation, @globalgiving will match your first month’s gift at 100%.

You can partner with women in Uganda and make a worth investment that will change lives of millions.

Donate today at https://www.globalgiving.org/39548

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