“I knew that our community Atyak Town Council, needed someone to speak for them, try and bring the change and influence that the marginalized groups especially women and the girl child are made to bear.”

Women and girls are still below the bar of equality in this Nothern region- Uganda, basically due to some unfair cultural norms that have to be changed as need arises. And this is reality for gender equality as a prior for equitable distribution of resources in our community.

“When I joined the leadership training over 2 years back and I enrolled in the literacy class where I learnt public speaking, and I built rapport which boosted my confidence in front of people. This made me succeed during the campaigns and I won my seat as women representative in Atyak Town Council” Says Apiyo

I will fight for the change women and girls need in the community, when the council sitting starts.

Apiyo Atyak Town Council Member VacNet & WGEF Leadership Development Participant

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Uganda Decides, 2021:

Women will continue to play a major role in local and regional government, ensuring women’s voices are included! The impact of elections in the year 2021 has not been easy given that COVID-19 and political violence continues to threaten democracy and the health of the nation. This however, did not scare off VacNet and

WGEF women leaders and candidates; instead it provided strength to continue the leadership journey. 25 leadership development program participants were courageous, committed and participated and contested for elected positions to represent their communities, regions, and the nation.

We are pleased to announced 21 women from our program have been elected and entrusted with leadership roles. What is clear is that women are identified with natural gift of good communication skills and budgeting skills thus putting them at high position of trust with such roles when prepared and encouraged.

Women continue to invest and show interest in politics by turning up in big numbers to vote of which it was clearly observed in almost all polling stations. This highlights the importance of leadership and value of choosing their own trusted leaders, thus they turn up to support their fellow women to represent them in leadership through voting.

“If I have been able to be elected to the division council, I’m sure many women can only they need a little support and encouragement” says Prisca.

In 2021, we are prepared to engage, lobby, network and pass policies that with change the many unequal gender norms and those that affects the social life of every individual. This is the only opportunity to develop our community, we are grateful for the training and encouragement.

– Prisca

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Happy New year 2021, you have been a unique partner in a challenging year. We are grateful for what we have achieved together and looking forward to do more together

We will continue to focus on addressing issues building economic independence, invest in reproductive health for women and girls, addressing menstrual health and keeping girls in school armed with supplies and information thru our Healthy Periods Initiative and strengthening leadership development for women in Uganda.

Your ongoing support will ensure women and girls have what they need to become self reliant and manage their menstrual health with dignity! To invest click https://www.globalgiving.org/39548

We wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2021

Lear more at www.vacnetwork.org

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