May 29, 2018

“I feel I have the right skills and I clearly understand my personal qualities, I will be able to take actions to lead women in my community to protest against domestic violence against any body in my Community”

VacNet together with WGEF conducted a 1 day Breaking Silence about Domestic Violence training for 22 peer counsellors, to equip them with skills to support themselves and their group members. It is critical for peer counsellors to learn about the root causes and effects of domestic violence in the communities they serve in. Due to increased cases re...

November 18, 2017

When a girl faces obstacles in managing her menses in a healthy way, she is at risk for infection, her self-esteem and self-confidence suffer, she may remain absent from school during her period, or worse still, drop out of school altogether upon reaching puberty. Over time, these negative effects add up, preventing a young girl from achieving her full potential and having a healthy, productive life.

Sofia Akello from Gulu district had to drop out of school at primary 5 after she missed her final exams because of her periods. “When I started menstruating, I...

November 7, 2017

We have had such amazing learning opportunities in the areas finance, Fundraising, communication, programming, Network mapping ,social media, data protection and more policy The wonderful Global Giving evaluators Marina and Rebecca have shared with us so much of their skills, insights time and technical advise and opening learning Global Giving We learnt how to create a pitch for our organisation. Taking through out team how GlobalGiving platform works was so helpful to the extent that one of our staff just decided to donate to our project for the first ti...

November 7, 2017

To address the issue of gender inequality, violence, land rights, food security, HIV/AIDS and other issues facing women in northern Uganda, Women’s Global Empowerment Fund hosts a drama festival, Kikopo Pa Mon. every year. This year’s topic, chosen by participants, is RIGHTS Vs REALITY: Are Women Defending Land For Ownership Or Access?’ Women used the unique opportunity to participate in a debate with their leaders about the topic, and discussions centered around Women’s access to, use of and control over land and other productive resources are essent...

July 12, 2017

There are 36,000 South Sudan refugees in Bolore and Pagirinya Refugee settlements, 72% are young girls, women and children between 9 to 18 years with no access to sanitary pads, clean water and other basic needs. VacNet and WGEF is responding to this crisis by supplying free Lucky Girls Sanitary Pads, and providing education around menstrual health management. To support the ever growing demand, we are boosting our production that has been already stretched by over 3000 young girls using the Luck Girls Sanitary Pads.  

Now VacNet and WGEF will be distributi...

July 11, 2017

In just one month we have supported women working their way out of poverty by disbursing 350 new micro loans to support women in Omoro District who are looking up to better their lives, start and expand their business.  All women were provided intensive business skills and provided with micro loans to help them start and expand their business. Each woman represented a household we need to see improvement in house hold income, children able to go to school and families Table access quality health care services.

“I feel like I matter, from today instead of fo...

July 8, 2017

As part of Gulu Women’s Resource Centre’s goal of providing women with current and critical information, community meeting space, computer and life skill trainings, VacNet and WGEF offered a 3 months’ basic computer training for 27 young girls and women to help them learn and improve their knowledge and skills in basic computer applications. The training drew participants from primary schools, secondary schools drop outs. It is through information and education that self esteem and empowerment is facilitated, enabling women to stand up and lead themselves...

May 27, 2017

“The fighting in our home country separated me from my family, I don’t know if they are still alive, I was left alone with no one to tell my challenges, no one to take care of my needs such as sanitary pads I have to use a piece of cloth, but also cleaning it is a challenge because we don’t have enough water and soap in this camp” Christine is 14 years old.

Accordingly, 70% of mothers in Bolore and Pagirinya refugee settlements think periods are dirty and 66% of girls and women manage periods without toilets. Handling periods in a refugee settlement is huge...

May 3, 2017

"Until today I have learnt that all of us in this region has passed through traumatic experiences and this affects our lives in different ways. The opportunity for today has help me and will help all my members in Lalogi, I feel empowered to heal myself and heal my fellow sisters in my community”

The conflict in Northern Uganda left whole regions devastated by visceral traumatic experiences and citizens left to handle those feelings on their own. There were Non-Government Organizations (NGO) that came in but the extent of their reach was not large enough. T...

February 22, 2017

As a mother of 4 I had no idea about how my life would be after the impact of the LRA War.I was abducted at the age of six and returned with 3 children, I hardly knew what to do with my life because my parents were gone.

I had one problem after the other, with no one to turn to but one day I met a group of Women benefiting from Vac-Net due to my low self-esteem I feared to be among other women but gradually I gained the courage.

"My life has now changed not only because of the loans of $60 but also the training that I received. I managed to start up a busine...

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