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Revolving Fund Program

Our Revolving Fund Program is designed to empower women involved small scale business and agricultural production for domestic consumption. We understand that social and cultural constraints limit their control and sale of the proceeds, and their ability to secure credit from financial institutions due to a lack of collateral. This is where our program comes in — to provide much-needed financial support and resources to help change the status quo.


Financial Access for Women

At VAC-NET, we believe that access to capital is one of the most important factors in promoting economic development. That’s why we provide revolving microloans to women and girls who lack the resources to start or expand a business. Our revolving microloans range from $50 to $350, and have helped women invest in a variety of business ventures, from small shops to poultry farming. Learn more.. 

From Kitchen to Thriving

Our Revolving Microloans program is designed to help individuals transform their lives from surviving to thriving. The program provides business skills training, community support and access to small loans to create sustainable income. This is not just a handout, it's a hand up towards a dignified future. Join us in supporting individuals like the mother who was able to pay for her children's school and gain self-confidence with just a small loan of $50 to $350.

Join us in our fight against gender-based poverty. VAC-NET provides revolving micro-loans to women, enabling them to start their own businesses and support their families. With our help, women entrepreneurs can achieve financial stability and independence, one loan at a time.

Peer Counselling

Our Peer Counselling program is designed to empower women in their communities. With the mentorship of a trained Peer Counsellor and support from other women in their community, we aim to provide resources and education to help women grow their businesses and gain confidence in their abilities. Our program is focused on peer support, ensuring that women have access to the knowledge and resources they need to succeed.

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