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Governance and Leadership

We focus at increasing the number of women and girls in leadership and building their capacities to participate effectively in decision-making processes. The program supports the establishment of grassroots structures to encourage the participation of every community member.


Effective Participation of women in Governance and Leadership

We build the capacity of women leaders to provide steward leadership, through tailored advocacy and leadership skills training, and strengthening the roles of local group structures and management, disseminating the enabling laws and policies for women participation in local government businesses and understanding the budget and planning cycle in  the districts of Nwoya  Omoro and Amuru.

Support the active participation of women in transforming society with as little as $50


Over the year we have built the capacity of women through training, mentorship and partnership. 523 women are taking up leadership roles at different levels from community water and land committees to sub county, city and district councils and are members of coalitions that advocates for womens rights. Allowing women to participate effectively in decision making processes  promotes improved service delivery.

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