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Gulu Women Resource Center

At GWRC, we provide women, girls, and communities in Northern Uganda and neighboring districts access to information and support thru miniature group educational courses, including computer skills, helping them become more able to make informed decisions about their lives. The center educates women about their health and well-being, including access to family planning information, learning money management for economic empowerment, and how to recognize and address domestic violence provides a reading space and material for community members and also hosts the peace Hub an area that offers psychosocial support to the victims of domestic violence. 


The Digital Space

We created a community space providing women with current and critical information, community meeting space, and computer and life skill training. Through communication and education, self-esteem and empowerment are facilitated, enabling women to stand up and lead themselves out of the vicious cycle of poverty often presented before them.

We Need Your Support Today!


We trained 38 peer counselors and 72 VHTs that work within their communities as volunteers and first-hand doctors to the community. The program has natural young women leaders who have participated and are serving in elective positions at different levels allowing women to get the opportunity to participate in decision-making and represent issues that affect women in the region.

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