To address violence against women, gender bias, inequality and gaps in the justice chain for women, this initiative strives to provide the critical information and resources, enabling women to know their legal and human rights within the justice system. The access to justice team consists of 12 women who manage a 24/7 hotline, assist in filing reports, supporting victims and families, advocate and assist during court proceeding all ensuring justice is served.

Vac-Net and WGEF clients have experienced empowerment, gained leadership skills, understanding of advocacy, legislative participation and policy development. Women in our program are leading in their communities, speaking out on important issues, advocating for women and families, challenging their leaders and community members to do better, moving their communities forward. In February 2016, we had 10 women competing for political office throughout the region, with 5 successfully winning their contest. Just 10 years ago, our clients were living in IDP camps, are formerly abducted persons, and did not know if they even had a future. Through relevant and meaningful programs, we has been able to offer women critical knowledge to transform their communities, creating a brighter and more secure future for themselves , their families, region and nation.


Leadership Development

We designed a Leadership Development Program  to develop community outreach peer Leaders who help trouble shoot problems and link women and youth experiencing social challenges to service providers . These peer Leaders are trained to recognise the dynamics and warning signs of violence, problem solving, networking and management. They understand the barriers to obtaining services in the communities.

Our Leadership Development programs aim to advance the participation, access and voice of women in their communities in post conflict northern Uganda and other regions, districts and villages where women’s voices have been marginalized.


Our goal is to create a mechanism to elevate women’s legislative participation thru training initiatives promoting advocacy, activism; creating the space for women to run for elected office, manage campaigns increasing women’s representation at all levels of government.

Justice is the foundation ensuring women become equal participants in decision making, development and their own futures. Without access to justice, women are disenfranchised and disempowered, experiencing violence, abuse and inequality. This initiative demands that women are viewed not as victims but as agents of change for social and economic justice.


Vac-Net has trained 38 peer counselors and 72 VHTs that worke within their communities as volunteers and first hand doctors to the community. The program has natured young women leaders who have participated and are serving into elective positions at different levels allowing women to get the opportunity to participate into decision making and represent issues that affect women in the region.


Vac-Net believes women are natural leaders and can be transformative if given any opportunity. We intend to continue supporting women to grow their leadership potentials

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