Volunteer Action Network  partners with organizations that shares the common understanding and whose aim is to  provide economic and social interventions that provides micro credit services with literacy, leadership development, health initiatives and basic business education into a single service reaching women in poor or rural areas. This holistic approach provides the keys to alleviate poverty and empower women.

Since 2007 VacNet formed a strategic relationship with the U.S. based non -profit, Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (WGEF) and are working together in program designing, implementation and learning in Northern Uganda. This strategic partnership help supported both organisations to create a more effective and responsive program in Northern Uganda.  


We are a member to  the Gulu District NGO Forum, which represents all local, grassroots organizations working in Northern Uganda, enabling organizations to work together to accomplish the best possible outcomes for the people we serve.

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We would not achieve much about our mission of empowering women to walk their way out of poverty with dignity without the Support from extraordinary organizations and individual donors.


2. The Greater Contribution TGC supported microloans and literacy programs, our HPI, and access to justice for women programs.


3. Our partnership with Gulu District Local government GDLG, Amuru Legal Government ADLG, Nwoya District Local Government NDLG have strengthened and aligned our interventions to the district's Development strategic plans.


4. Our membership to Gulu District NGO Forum a civil society umbrella organization


5. Vac-Net is a member of The Gender Sector Working Group for Northern Uganda


6. Rotary Club Gulu- Partners is promoting SRHR and sanitation in Schools- Gulu District


7. Voice for Humanity (HFV) based in Adjuman help in distributing Lucky Girl Sanitary Pads to Refugees

VGIF provide grants globally to fund locally generated projects that advance the rights of women and girls; projects that help improve the lives of women and girls by advancing women’s rights and social justice. VGIF supports education in Gulu.


The Communities Advancing HIV/AIDS Prevention Program (CAPH) is part of the national Uganda strategy to reduce the HIV/AIDS rate in Gulu District by 40% Vac-Net partners with PACE to implement the combination strategy in Gulu District.Civil Society Fund


The financial support from Barclays Bank Uganda helped to strengthen Our Organisation and enabled us to train and open a plant that manufactures the Luck Girl Sanitary Pads which we give to the school girls in rural villages and refugees for free.

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Plot 22, Pece School Road, P.O.Box 1341 Gulu, Uganda.

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