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Empowerment in the process for Gulu women

Since I started working with fuIl belief and conviction in women's empowerment as a key to challenge the inequalities I have learnet more than I ever thought. I have seen the resiliency of the human spirit, even through hard and unimaginable times; and the beauty of what can happen when women work together to create opportunities based on equality and respect. I have become a more hopeful person that equality is achevale.

Empowerment meaning to me it suggests one is able to access resources, make choices, challenge inequality through participation and determine life outcomes. For me the concept gives life to the idea that a woman can be an agent of change, determining her own future

Working with marginalised women have tought me that being poor is not just about not having money, it’s about not having choices and that what informs what we are working o change to change the startus quo.

Throug helping young women in rural Uganda access micro-credit loans and business development training to help them provide for their families and become financially secure. we are contributing to this process of empowerment

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