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Santa Oromo, is 32 years old, married with 3 children, and I sale produce as my business,

Working together with fellow women opened a way for my life and that of my family. I was stuck, stayed at home and my husband was an alcoholic. We used to eat once in a day some times we could go hungry, all this changed when we joined VAC-NET with 5 other members of my group. We were trained and supported with $50 loans each to start our businesses.

I worked very hard and paid it back and when I got the second loan of $80, I was able to diversify my business and opened my shop selling produce, I make supplies every week to my local customers, I can pay fees, pay my rent and we can eat well 3 times a day, am so grateful for lifting my standard of living high I feel happy to be a business woman.

Thank you VAC-NET and your team

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