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As a mother of 4 I had no idea about how my life would be after the impact of the LRA War.I was abducted at the age of six and returned with 3 children, I hardly knew what to do with my life because my parents were gone.

I had one problem after the other, with no one to turn to but one day I met a group of Women benefiting from Vac-Net due to my low self-esteem I feared to be among other women but gradually I gained the courage.

"My life has now changed not only because of the loans of $60 but also the training that I received. I managed to start up a business and a livestock project which is helping me pay school fees and other basic needs. At this point the relationship within my family has improved and we are working together to provide for our family, people in my community now respect me something I thought wasn’t meant for me. At last I have the hope that was long gone".

I encourage my fellow community women, to not think whatever they went through or are going through cannot change—we can rise above poverty once equipped with the right tools".

Our programing combines microcredit services with social and educational services in three areas of focus, literacy, leadership development and health initiatives—into a single service reaching under-resourced women. Borrowers form groups and attend business training, where they elect leaders, develop a business plan and work with staff to ensure their success. What makes our intervention unique is the inclusion of a political dimension. Poverty is the result of inequality in many spheres, and meaningful interventions must include a political dimension that enables addressing systemic inequality through participation and advocacy.

We hope that you are curious and interested in our program. Understanding that we cannot continue this work without your support, our desire is that you will be inspired by our clients and their achievements binds us together to continue support these efforts. To learn more visit /

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