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In just one month we have supported women working their way out of poverty by disbursing 350 new micro loans to support women in Omoro District who are looking up to better their lives, start and expand their business. All women were provided intensive business skills and provided with micro loans to help them start and expand their business. Each woman represented a household we need to see improvement in house hold income, children able to go to school and families Table access quality health care services.

“I feel like I matter, from today instead of focusing on just survival, being given the opportunity to access credit for the first time then I have a new beginning and confidence begin to looking for ways to thrive in my life”.

Jennifer – VacNet and WGEF microloan beneficiary- Omoro District.

VacNet and WGEF's Credit Plus participants receive a microcredit loan bundled with social and educational services, allowing them to create an opportunity for sustainability, increased food security and health and nutrition. Each loan recipient is required to attend bi-monthly meetings. These meetings will entail loan repayment and training on business skills, literacy, health or leadership development. Women invests their micro loans in varied business such as produce selling, baking, tailoring and knitting, grocery store, poultry and agro loans. All these loans help women and their house holds become more resilient and better able to provide for their families in times of economic difficulty.

Client Quote: -

“When I received my first loans of $100 from VacNet and WGEF last I dedicated myself to use the opportunity to change mile life and support my family better. Now all my children are going to school and I have bought 2 cows. Most important I feel less stressed now”

Thank you VacNet and WGEF for trusting me

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