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“During day time, attending school during periods is a big problem at our school to most of the girls because there is no proper place for girls to change from during periods safely. The only 1 toilet at our school the door does not close and this leaves every girl worried every time she under go through her period. We can only use it freely in the night, many girls opt out of school every month, that’s why our performance at school is compromised yet education is the only hope for our future to free ourselves from poverty”

Said 14-year-old Atim –from Amuru Primary School.

Many girls in Uganda face humiliation, embarrassment, restrictions on movement and food, missed education, and even violence because of societal and gender norms that tell us their periods are dirty and shameful. By tackling this issue head on VACNET and WGEF is help keeping girls in school in Uganda, empowering them to avoid early marriage, participate in productive labour, and stay healthier, all of which reduces the likelihood of their children being born into poverty.

Menstruation is completely natural and an experience shared by half the world’s population. The (HPI) initiative drives economic and socio-cultural change through enterprise and education, we inform, educate and provide resources that provide safe sanitary resources for women, girls and refugees in Uganda.

In a Quarter VACNET and WGEF has provided 11,000 packs of Sanitary Pads to Schools girls and refugees in Borole refugee settlement in Adjuman district, conducted menstrual health education in schools and conducted community dialogues with stake holders to priotize menstrual health and hygiene in schools.

“I don’t miss school because of my period anymore. I like going to school because I don’t get embarrassed by students. All educated girls become contributors to their families and I want to be among them”

–Alice-- Lucky Girls beneficially.

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