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Ending Child Marriage- One Girl at a Time!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Young girls in Uganda face real challenges when it comes to managing their periods in a healthy way. Facilities often lack proper sanitation, putting them at risk of infection and discouraging girls from attending school during their monthly cycle. When a girl's self-esteem and self-confidence suffer, she may drop out of school altogether.

These negative effects add up, preventing a young girl from achieving her full potential and living a healthy, productive life many risk are forced to marry before 18 years. We are addressing this challenge. Help us to prevent and support your girls to continue with their education.

Please consider your gift to our effort, ensuring the fight for equality, dignity, justice continues. Help us multiply this impact with your generous donation at https://www.globalgiving.org/39549 #girlspower #womenempowerment #girlsnotbrides #sanitarypads #luckygirl #equality #educationforall #endchildmarriage #Uganda.

To Learn more and support visit www.vacnetwork.org

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