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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

International women's Day is a time to celebrate women’s achievements and reflects on the ongoing challenges women face in achieving gender equity and inclusion- The gap in technology and education is still wide more need to be done if we are to achieve gender equity.

If we are to achieve gender equity we need to invest more and encourage women and girls to embrace science, technology, and innovation.

We have opened the Gulu Women's Resource Center with a computer lab to offer an opportunity for women and girls to learn and utilize tech resources to change their lives.

We enroll 30 women in a cohort every 3 months women learn more than typing on a computer but also how to harness the opportunities and use social platforms for business and advocacy.

As we celebrate women’s day we applaud all women and celebrate their contribution towards changing our society. We believe that women are natural leaders and can be the real agents of change.

A balanced society where all women and girls participate in development effectively is possible. Learn More

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