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Market Lockdowns Impacted Food Security

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rmers in northern Uganda faced huge threats with the re-emergence of COVID-19 due to lockdowns, transportation and marketing disruption, and increased infection rates, especially among marginal and women farmers. As businesses suffered financially, food security is also threatened by increased costs for parts and supplies, the unreliability of cross-border trade, and shortfalls in access.

Even the most successful Ugandan farmers are facing the possibility of losing their business due to circumstances beyond their control. VAC-NET is supporting them and keeping them connected. We need your help today so that we may reach more women farmers and entrepreneurs and continue to strengthen and build resilient local food markets that can weather difficult times.

We have learnt so much from the opportunity that came a long with the effects of COVID-19 Pandemic disruptions. One factor that stood out strongly is the possibility of self- reliance.

Moving forward we will continue to support micro loan support to small holder farmers, provide information and facilitate market linkages.

We can do this together

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