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My tears of joy rolled down, my heart beat First as I visited Lilly in Koro- Gulu. Her warm welcome and embracing me with a real hug was enough to explain her feeling, she said:

I have kept this gift for you for so long you gave me the means, you made me hopeful again, you made me feel important and helped get a position in my community, you made me realize my resources. The training and small amount money you borrowed me has changed my life I will never forget you” said Lilly

Lilly is among many amazing women that we support. I stayed in their village for 3 days, trained them in business skills and provided them with micro loans for their agro business. Then she had no food, no business and livestock but she had her family land. After harvests now she has 6 hectares of rice, 2 hectares of cassava, 4 cows, 10 goats, 19 chickens. She is able to educate her children. I’m very lucky to have worked with Lilly and many other women on their journey to get out poverty and I do this with a team of committed individuals, partners in Uganda and with you, this achievement is for all of us.

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