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Our Response to the Spread of COVID-19

In these time of uncertainty and isolation, global solidarity is more important than ever. As COVID-19 dominates the headlines and our lives, it is helpful to remember we are all in this together, reaching out across all boundaries that often separate us. This pandemic, more than any other event, shows us that we are all connected!  We have revised our standard operating procedures and working with the Ugandan government to ensure we are a part of the solution. We sourced ingredients and produce the first batch of Lucky Hand Sanitizer which we distribute to most vulnerable populations. We are hosting small village conversations to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information, while dispelling the dangerous myths. 

We are on the forefront of this and our hope is to save lives and attempt to prevent the spread of the virus. Together, let's commit to ensuring that communities have access to basic resources to keep them safe.

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