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It is clear all wars and conflict disproportionately impact women and children, and the current war in Ukraine is no different. Our call to global leaders is to end all conflicts. To create a peace and environment where all human rights are respected; where the environment is respected and protected. But until this happens, VAC-NET is investing in local solutions to meet the moment.

Our goal this year has been to expand support and resources for our agriculture initiative. This is initiative began in 2010 based on the understanding that for the northern region to recover from conflict, it must grow its own food. Local food economies are the best way to stave off famine, food insecurity, shortages, inflation and conflict.

One third of our economic empowerment program is focused on supporting women farmers, including small, medium and large stakeholders who produce food for their families, villages, region and neighboring countries. Our program also supports suppliers and distributers to create a complete local food chain.

Working with our partners VAC-NET has provided relief seed supplies for over 2051 household to enable them grow first growing crops that can substitute wheat which is too expensive

By supporting our program, you are preventing hunger, food shortages, and human suffering. This program is proven, efficient, sustainable and led by courageous women who are the food producers of Africa. Together we can make a difference.

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