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The Right to Food is the Best Hope Against COVID-19 Pandemic

In Uganda the COVID-19 countrywide lockdown measures to prevent the rapid spread of the virus have disrupted food supply chains and impacted income-earning opportunities nationwide, with the urban poor worst affected due to significantly reduced access to income and dependence on market purchases. In Northern Uganda, most households have access to own-produced food, though access to income from agricultural labor opportunities has also been affected. It is expected that, even as COVID-19 prevention measures are eased, the restoration of economic activity is likely to be slow.

Our smallholder farmers in Northern Uganda are disproportionately at risk of food insecurity themselves, with low incomes and restricted movements a major reason for that. The COVID-19 Crisis has greatly affected their ability to produce food at a time when food supply should remain adequate for everyone in the region.

Hunger and malnutrition continue to be the greater enemy, which the pandemic threatens to capitalize on as the fuel for further devastation. Therefore, we have realigned our priorities to give the right to food its due prominence which is the best hope against a COVID-19 pandemic for which there exists no known antidote to date.

We support 102 small holder farmers thru financing their agro projects and making seeds available to enable them plant and mitigate the rooming food insecurity in the region

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