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Together We can End Period Poverty

Today your impact will be even greater. When you make a gift of $25.00, a VAC-NET Board member will match your gift up to $25.00 instantly doubling your support. And, an anonymous donor has offered to match donations from NEW donors up to $10.00 When you make your first gift to Volunteer Action Network today, it will go three times as far!

Now, during the global pandemic, your support is needed more than ever. Your donation helps us raise $10,000 the needed resources to support 600 young with sanitary pads in Uganda to guarantee their stay at school and secure their future. As we all know the impact of the pandemic will be long lasting, it is crucial to provide sanitary resources supporting their reproductive health rights and securing their future be the first one to make this cause a reality. Friend your gift will help empower hundreds of girls to build a brighter future during and beyond the pandemic

For more information about our work please visit

Thank you so much and be blessed.

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