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WelCome to 2023!

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Do you know that 380 million women and girls leave in poverty? As we open our doors in the new 2023 we recommit our selves to supporting women and girls to effectively participate in development of their individual self and families with dignity. We must change this bothering reality.

We achieved much together last year 2022. This new year 2023 our focus will continue to be:-

  1. Building economic independence, increase household income and food income security at household level through training and micro-loans

  2. Building the capacity of Women and girls to have knowledge about SRHR and providing access menstrual facilities including affordable sanitary products.

  3. Increasing the number of women and girls in leadership and building their capacities to participate effectively in decision making processes.

  4. promoting the culture of reading and writing and building capacity of community in using information communication and technology skills.

We hope that you found time to rest and replenish your body, mind and soul. And that we will continue to work together for a balanced and open society where women and girls participate effectively in development in 2023.

WelCome to 2023!.

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