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Wishing you Happy New Year 2020!

New Year’s Eve is a time that we can reflect on how we’ve made an impact on the human race. We all love a good celebration and we are looking ahead to 2020 with hope to create a sustainable empowerment.

Our 2020 Focus

  1. Supporting women entrepreneurs in creating successful and viable businesses.

  2. Expanding literacy opportunities; this critical program has delivered important outcomes on self esteem, agency, business viability, and communication.

  3. Fully supporting the Healthy Periods Initiative by providing consistent resources and education to schools and refugee camps across the region.

  4. Expanding and highlighting the Access to Justice Initiative’s work to facilitate community dialogue and action on issues of human rights and reducing child marriage in northern Uganda.

Together we will make our commitment count. Happy new year 2020 from all of us at VacNet

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