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Economic Empowerment

We build economic independence, increase household income and food income security at household level.Through equipping women and girls with business and  entrepreneur skills..

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The Healthy Periods Initiative

The Healthy Periods Initiative drives economic and socio-cultural change through enterprise and education. From a grassroots level, we inform, educate and provide resources to assist in the development of successful..

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Governance and Leadership

We focus at increasing the number of women and girls in leadership and building their capacities to participate effectively in decision making processes, and supports the establishment of grassroots..

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Gulu Women's 
Resource Center

The Gulu Women Resource Center provides women, girls, and community in Northern Uganda, and neighboring districts, access to information and support thru small group educational courses, including computer skills..

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Women's Adult
Literacy Training

Literacy is not merely about basic skills of reading and writing; it is about providing individuals with the capabilities for understanding their lives and social environment as well as equipping them with problem-solving skills..

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Keeping Girls Connected

Keeping Girls Connected is a radio campaign that will provide a platform for intervention, voice, support and facilitate dialogues between families, communities and leaders to address the aftermaths of COVID-19..

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Kikopo Pa Moni

To address the issue of gender inequality, violence, land rights, food security, SRHR, and other issues facing women in northern Uganda, We created and hosts a drama festival, Kikopo Pa Mon. Women create original plays highlighting their stories..

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Women provide up to 90% of the rural poor’s food and produce; Vac-Net's Agro program supports women farmers by offering agricultural loans and training in northern Uganda. Northern Uganda is a post conflict region, with a temperate climate..

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