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Women provide up to 82% of the rural poor's food and produce. VAC-NET's Agro program supports women farmers by offering agricultural loans and training in northern Uganda. Northern Uganda is a post-conflict region with a temperate climate. While the food agencies have been there for decades, there are shortages; in the area, much as the area is versed with fertile land with an available market that stretches to South Sudan



Our agricultural program encourages increased food security and household income that improves nutrition. Over 350 have been trained in best agro practices, including marketing and animal husbandry. Also, 350 agro loans have been lent to women and youth in Gulu District.

We trained 38 peer counselors and 72 VHTs that work within their communities as volunteers and first-hand doctors to the community. The program has natured young women leaders who have participated and are serving into elective positions at different levels allowing women to get the opportunity to participate in decision making and represent issues that affect women in the region.


Since its inception in the year  2008. We have supported and graduated over 6,230 women who completed both grade 1 and 2 . all learners by the time they finished they learned how to read and write, their self-esteem and confidence, improved, participation in a community meeting, improved business, health, and preventable diseases among children reduced and a reduction in Domestic violence due to improvement in communication skills. Participants who sign up for classes are divided into groups, provided with materials, books and pens


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