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What We Do

We are dedicated to working with grassroots women working every day to create a better future for themselves and their children. They are in villages and markets selling goods and produce, raising livestock, agriculture, rebuilding their communities, participating in community planning meetings, taking care of their children, hauling water, cooking, cleaning, and lobbying for space for their voices to be heard and respected.


We build economic independence and increase household income and food income security at the household level. By equipping women and girls with business and entrepreneur skills, providing seed capital (micro-loans) to women and girls to invest and advance sustainable businesses, facilitating access to economic opportunities, and strengthening communities to participate in development actively.

We build the capacity of women and girls to have knowledge about SRHR and provide access to menstrual facilities, including affordable sanitary products. Providing girls with affordable menstrual hygiene products empowers them to go to school all year round and gives them a better future.


Join us in our fight against gender-based poverty. VAC-NET provides revolving micro-loans to women, enabling them to start their own businesses and support their families. With our help, women entrepreneurs can achieve financial stability and independence, one loan at a time


Governance and Leadership

We focus at increasing the number of women and girls in leadership and building their capacities to participate effectively in decision making processes, and supports the establishment of grassroots structures to encourage participation of every community member.

The Gulu Women Resource Center provides women, girls, and the community in Northern Uganda and neighboring districts access to information and support thru miniature group educational courses, including computer skills, helping them become more able to make informed decisions about their lives. The center educates women about their health and well-being, including access to family planning information, learning money management, and domestic violence support.


Literacy is not merely about essential reading and writing skills; it is about providing individuals with the capabilities to understand their lives and social environment and equipping them with problem-solving skills. Literacy, therefore, is a foundation of human resources development and is critical to alleviating poverty.

Women provide up to 82% of the rural poor's food and produce; VAC-NET's Agro program supports women farmers by offering agricultural loans and training in northern Uganda. Northern Uganda is a post-conflict region with a temperate climate. While the food agencies have been there for decades, there are shortages; in the area, much as the area is versed with fertile land and an available market stretching to South Sudan.

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Advocacy & Peer Counselling

We designed a Leadership Development Program to develop community outreach peer Leaders who help troubleshoot problems and link women and girls experiencing social challenges to service providers. These peer leaders are trained to recognize the dynamics and warning signs of violence, problem-solving, networking, and management. They understand the barriers to obtaining services in the communities.

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