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It Feels Great To Be An Independent Successful Business Woman And Land Lord.

Vicky Acan is 33 years, married and a mother of 4 children, she runs a restaurant business in Layibi- Gulu town, she employs 3 waitresses to support her business which serves between 150 to 200 customers a day.

Vicky is a former victim of domestic violence who separated from her husband 7 years back and decided to live a single life together with her 4 children. She joined Vac-Net and WGEF in 2010 with a group of 6 members each running different small businesses but both stay and sell in the same market. The group members support one another. Last year 2015, Vicky’s group requested and applied for a group loan of $800 from Vac-Net and WGEF to support Vicky on her goal of buying a house where she operates her Restaurant business. Successfully the group has since repaid back her loan to Vac-Net and WGEF, Vicky was able to buy her house and continued to grow her business.

Quote from Vicky:

“The struggles of my hands, the support from group members, the skills and financial support from Vac-Net and WGEF has made it possible for me to be an independent successful business woman and Land lord in Gulu. After setting up a successful restaurant business, I was able to buy a house where I work from, I created employment for my fellow young women who are helping me serve the clients. My life is worth leaving because of the transformational support I received from Vac-Net and WGEF” I can independently support my family. I” encourage my fellow women to dream big, support one another and never fear to bring out their ideas”

Thank you Vac-Net and WGEF for empowering women like me in Uganda

Vicky Acan- Business Woman –Gulu Town

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