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We empower Women and Girls in Uganda

Providing them with spaces, tools, and resources enables them to participate effectively in individual and community development processes, thus strengthening the economic resilience of individuals, their families, and communities to lead successful and dignified lives.

29,700 Revolving Micro-Loans Disbursed

Provided business skills training & disbursed Revolving micro loans to women to start business. Learn more

4.2M Sanitary Pads Distributed

Over 120,000 girls, boys and women received MHM education including free sanitary pads Learn more

6,230 Women Trained

Graduated from our adult literacy program with basic skills of reading and writing. Learn more

2,560 Women Trained & Mentored in Leadership 

Provided leadership skills to women. 524 in leadership positions representing their communities at different levels. Learn more

How we Do It

Our organization is committed to empowering women and girls through a comprehensive approach that includes training in business and entrepreneurial skills, providing revolving micro-loans, advocating for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights services, promoting education and access to information, and strengthening social systems through governance and leadership. We believe that by empowering women and girls, we can create a more and equitable world for all

According to the United Nations, 49% of people living in sub-Saharan Africa and 40% of people leaving in Northern Uganda live on less than $1.25/day. That’s not enough to pay for food, medicine, proper shelter or schooling for their children. Worldwide, 58 million primary school-age children are not in school; 60% are girls. Where we work in Uganda, public school is not free, and poverty is the leading cause of children not attending school. Learn more

Economic Empowerment

"My life was a daily survival game, straining every nerve to provide and educate my children. Then came the day I joined the business skills training. With just a small loan of $60, my world transformed. This became my gateway to participate in business, pay for my children’s school, and gather a community of sisters. Most importantly, it gave me something invaluable: Confidence."  Learn more

Empowering women and girls with knowledge about sexual and reproductive health and providing access to menstrual facilities is crucial for their well-being. We produce and disritubute  affordable, eco-friendly, high quality disposable sanitary products, enabling them to attend school regularly and build a better. Join us in our efforts and make a positive impact on the lives of women and girls Learn more

It's about Dignity

"The moment I used a Lucky Girl pad," Betty remembers, "it felt like getting a part of myself back. I finally had the confidence to speak up again."

Betty received her first pack of Lucky Girl sanitary pads during a recent workshop. The experience was transformative. Now, she deeply understands many girls' challenges and wants to help.

Learn more 


We empower women and girls to take leadership roles and participate in decision-making processes. We believe in building grassroots structures that encourage the participation of every community member. Join us in creating a more inclusive and equitable society.. Learn more

Don't wait! Every minute counts for girls like Betty. Your $50 gift can make a life-changing difference today. Donate now and help transform lives!

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