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29,700 Revolving Micro-Loans Disbursed

Provided business skills training & disbursed Revolving micro loans to women to start business. Learn more

4.2M Sanitary Pads Distributed

Over 120,000 girls, boys and women received MHM education including free sanitary pads Learn more

6,230 Women Trained

Graduated from our adult literacy program with basic skills of reading and writing. Learn more

2,560 Women Trained & Mentored in Leadership 

Provided leadership skills to women. 524 in leadership positions representing their communities at different levels. Learn more

We empower Women and Girls in Uganda

Providing spaces, tools, and resources enables them to participate effectively in individual and community development processes, thus strengthening the economic resilience of individuals, their families, and communities to lead successful and dignified lives.

How we Do It

Our comprehensive approach includes training women and girls in business and entrepreneurial skills, revolving micro-loans, advocating for SRHR services, education, access to information, and promoting governance and leadership to strengthen social systems and empower women and girls.

According to the United Nations, 49% of people living in sub-Saharan Africa and 40% of people leaving in Northern Uganda live on less than $1.25/day. That’s not enough to pay for food, medicine, proper shelter or schooling for their children. Worldwide, 58 million primary school-age children are not in school; 60% are girls. Where we work in Uganda, public school is not free, and poverty is the leading cause of children not attending school. Learn more

Economic Empowerment

"My life was a daily survival game, straining every nerve to provide and educate my children. Then came the day I joined the business skills training. With just a small loan of $60, my world transformed. This became my gateway to participate in business, pay for my children’s school, and gather a community of sisters. Most importantly, it gave me something invaluable: Confidence."  Learn more

We focus on building the capacity of women and girls to know about SRHR and providing access to menstrual facilities, including affordable sanitary products. Providing girls with affordable menstrual hygiene products empowers them to go to school all year round and gives them a better future. Learn more

It's about Dignity

"The day I started using pads for my periods, I regained myself and my voice," Betty recalls.

Betty was given a pack of Lucky Girl sanitary pads during the session, which she used for the first time. The experience was nothing short of life-changing for her. Deeply empathetic towards the struggles faced by many girls. Learn more


We focus on increasing the number of women and girls in leadership and building their capacities to participate effectively in decision-making processes; we support the establishment of grassroots structures to encourage the participation of every community member. Learn more

Your $50 gift can make a difference right now. For girls like Betty, every minute counts. Transform lives today - your donation can't wait!

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