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Celebrating the“Humanitarian Action in Africa: Children’s Rights First 2019

On 16th June 2019 we joined partners to cerebrate The Day of the African Child (DAC2019) which celebrates children standing up for their rights and contributing to the future of the continent. It’s held to honor the thousands of children and students who marched in apartheid South Africa on 16th June 1976 to protest about the poor quality of their education. Many were shot, beaten and killed, and it led to the Soweto uprising against the apartheid regime.

Uganda’s national celebrations were held at Acet primary school, which we supports with its HPI initiative in Omoro district. Children all over Uganda marked the day by speaking out to claim their rights to education, healthcare and protection, and to highlight issues that affect their lives. Under the theme: NO Reason NO Excuse Child Marriage Is an Abuse Activities included Children’s Parliament. Hundreds of primary school children came together to discuss their most important issues and raise them with politicians. All kinds of topics were discussed, under the guidance of schoolchildren Awacango Priscilla and Akena Joel, who acted as Speaker and Clerk of Parliament for the day: Finally, children handed over a petition to the Deputy Speaker of parliament who was the Guest of honor, setting out highlights and recommendations from the Children’s Parliament.

Among activities we conducted was to host a menstrual health Lab that provided MHM education to children, and provides sanitary pads to girls.

The Deputy speaker of parliament Hon. Jacob Olanya inspected VacNet and WGEF’s HPI exhibition tent and applauded the significance of our efforts especially in contributing to gender equality in the education sector by supporting girls to full enjoy their rights.

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