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Because of You I Sleep in a Decent Shelter

Prisca & her house

We were treated with joy when we visited the home of Prisca. She has worked with VacNet and benefited from our microloan program, she said " because of you I sleep in a decent shelter ", One of my goals in life was to construct my own house which is permanent, enough for my family and decent to sleep in and you helped me achieve this I feel extremely proud and confident for the future"

Prisca is a widow with 4 children who she ably take care of them making sure they attain the best education she joined the program in 2010, received training and a $150 micro loans to start a retail business Soon she was chosen to chair the peer Counsellor' s group of strong community women leaders, she represents the voice of women at Pece division, and is the overall community mobilizer for her political party in her area. , Prisca stoped in primary 7 and supported her self to go back to school using her profits to pay her sChool fees together with her children until she completed senior 4 at old age.

We celebrate her success as she welcomes us in her newly constructed home by herself she says all women have potentials if they are given space and opportunity they can amaze everyone.

Together with you we continue to impact women’s lives directly through our micro loan program that you support. We believe you will continues to support us to continue this wonderful journey of supporting women to walk their way by themselves your generous donation makes this possible.

You can learn more and support our work at

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