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Working with women who are so much in need of freedom, freedom from financial decency, freedom to make decisions that affects them personally, freedom from unhealthy gender based discriminatory cultural norms. And that freedom is within us, we all just need assurance to face our fears that we cannot do much. Yes, we can so much… and believing that we can change for our good is enough, when we believe it we can achieve it.

In our all-round program, the freedom thirsty women are taken through in-depth holistic training in Business and financial literacy, leadership development, Basic adult literacy and Home management skills, health education as well as legal Aid education. This have seen these believers to big change movers. The ones who had lost hope for the freedom they dreamt of are now thriving and living their dream.These dream livers are now experiencing the financial independence they dreamed of. with some not only making independent decisions about themselves as least in command but sitting on the table with decision makers.


  • 2,840+ new micro loan disbursed enabling economic opportunities for women and their families.

  • Supported 4000+ women facing domestic violence through our access to justice program

  • 82 girls prevented from early and forced marriage through our access to justice program

  • 42,900+ girls and boys successfully reached with menstrual health education in addition to 150,000+ sanitary pads distributed

  • 21 women leaders successfully ran for for political office at different levels to amplify voices and take their place at the decision making table


The pandemic disproportionately impacts women and girls, in profound and challenging ways. With upticks in gender-based violence, teen pregnancy, increases in poverty, and food scarcity, we redoubled its effort to continue addressing period poverty and menstrual health education. During lockdown, girls are most vulnerable and the support and access to sanitary supplies was a critical piece to combat hopelessness and isolation. We created a delivery schedule to cover as many villages as possible, ensuring women and girls continue to manage their menstrual health with dignity.


Our toll-free hotline continues to provide women in peril a lifeline. Focused on women facing violence, forced and early marriage, social and psychological trauma, women and families are provided support, referrals, legal and medical services.Through our toll-free line survivors are virtually linked to service providers for support including psychosocial, legal, and medical services.

We need your help today so that we may reach more women, girls to continue strengthen and build the resilience that can weather difficult times of post COVID-19 Pandemic lock downs.

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