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CORONA VIRUS- Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Empowerment

The impact of COVID 19 is being felt world over. Even if you’re living in a country currently not in lockdown mode, your daily habits have changed. Social distancing, Regular hand washing, and wearing of face-masks.

There are currently 4,101 confirmed cases of COVID19 in Uganda. Our government tests between 2,500 and 3,000 people each day.  Since our borders have been closed to foreign travelers for over 20 weeks, a shrinking demographic tested are cargo truck drivers coming in from other East African countries. We’re also testing and quarantining all repatriating Ugandans, coming home after a long few months trapped abroad. The largest groups currently being tested are health care workers, contacts of current virus patients, and people from the greater community. Contact tracing is ongoing, with everyone placed in quarantine for 2 weeks. All positive cases are treated in hospital.

Right now there is community transmission of COVID19 in Uganda in a number of districts, including the metropolitan Kampala area and Northern Uganda. There is also significant community transmission in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Sudan. Cargo drivers hailing from those countries that test positive for COVID19 at our border points are handed over to their home countries for treatment. Infected Ugandan drivers are placed in immediate quarantine and treated, alongside any Ugandan contacts. All returning Ugandans are also placed in institutional quarantine for 2 weeks. Our parliament is discussing a possible return to lockdown conditions.

The Ugandan government is aggressively and proactively protecting our people through travel restrictions and wide-ranging, community-based hygiene programs. Limited food aid has been provided by government. It’s now mandatory to wear face masks when out and about.

And we at Volunteer Action Network are fully behind all its efforts.

Volunteer Action Network together with our partners have been involved with District Task Forces and supporting the hard hit community with food relief mainly to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and disabled persons. We have also supported District Task forces with hand sanitizers and PPEs, We have in a special way supported women in quarantine centers with sanitary pads.

Volunteer Action Network had earlier on postponed all programs until of recent 15th August 2020. We evaluated the impact and effects that came along with the lock down. This has resulted into business collapse making the source of livelihood for the communities to risk for their survival. Besides many obstacles, we are smartly confronting the fear by providing the needed information about measures but at the same time support women to slowly reopen and restock their business which is their only source of livelihood, the only sustainable empowerment communities can have. Learn more about our COVID RESPONSE

Thank you for Supporting our efforts in Uganda which are more important than ever before, we remain dedicated to providing uninterrupted assistance to disadvantaged women and families, and your gifts help us continue fulfilling our mission. To assist us in this time of crisis, please visit our

Be safe and stay well.

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